• Cynthia Brattesani, DDS

    “By far the BEST floss ever invented! It makes patients WANT to floss. It creates a buzz and excitement at all ages!"

  • Joyce Kahng, DDS

    “Patients are actually excited to open the product and use it. It brings some excitement to a previously mundane task!”

  • Jamie Amir BDS, MS

    "Woven Cocofloss blows away the competition. Other flosses are simply too slippery to be effective. Cocofloss gets teeth squeaky clean!"


Cocofloss is a real winner! We’re proud two-time recipients of the Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Award. After a rigorous, transparent review, a highly respected panel of dental-hygiene leaders agreed that Cocofloss is the very best floss on the market, beating out every other brand. It’s the most prestigious award in dentistry, reserved for only the world’s best oral-care products.

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