Cocofloss Mega Spool and Dispenser

New & improved! A new age of operatory floss dispensers is here. From shatterproof Tritan plastic to one-handed use and a super-elevated design, the new Cocofloss Mega Dispenser sets a new standard within the industry. 


  • What you get: 1 Mega Dispenser + 1 Mega Spool of Cocofloss (237-yd, 6-month supply).
  • What it's good for: Chairside cleanings so you get to clean patient smiles with your favorite dental floss and patients get to experience it.
  • Cocofloss super-cleansing design. 500+ ultra-durable interwoven filaments expand to pull away plaque from every surface area.
  • Cocofloss compresses to fit. Soft, flexible fibers are woven with an innovative cylindrical shape that compresses to fit even the tightest contacts.
  • Easy to refill. Comes apart easily for refills and only needs refilling ~2x a year.
  • Easy to use. One-handed design means you can just pull, cut, and floss.
  • Versatile. Load with 273-YD Cocofloss or CocoPlush Threaders.
  • Tangle-free. Floss won’t tangle or get stuck.
  • More hygienic. Concave lid lets you grab floss without touching plastic.
  • Extra durable. Made from super-strong, shatterproof Tritan plastic.
  • Safe for your op. Medical-grade Tritan plastic is BPA- and BPS-free.
  • Stays put. Just unpeel the gel pad on the base and stick it anywhere.
  • Clearly different: Transparent top makes it easy to see when you need a refill.
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Cocofloss Mega Spool and Dispenser
Pro-Grade Efficacy
Cocofloss Mega Spool and Dispenser
Innovative Texture
Cocofloss Mega Spool and Dispenser
Teflon® & Toxin-Free
Cocofloss Mega Spool and Dispenser
How we make Cocofloss eco-friendly
Made in Italy
Our floss is made at a family-owned factory in Italy that started up in 1926. The shop’s mom and pop met on a sailing trip, and after many dates filled with romantic Vespa rides, wine, and pasta, the couple fell in love and started a boutique floss factory. Today this fragrances house draws from its rich experience in food flavoring to create all of our delightful aromas, each one crafted with the highest quality, safe ingredients.