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“Cocofloss actually grabs onto plaque and does wonders for my patients with larger embrasures and periodontal issues. Cocofloss makes flossing fun and gives patients an incentive to start flossing!" — Michelle Fong, DDS

We performed a survey and 96% of dentists and dental hygienists agreed

Cocofloss helped improved their patient's flossing habits

Cocofloss patients exhibited less plaque and calculus buildup, bleeding, and pocketing

Cocofloss is overall more effective than generic floss

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“My favorite floss — and the one I hand out to all my patients — is Cocofloss." — Dr. Jennifer Plotnick

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"I love that with Cocofloss I can immediately show a difference in how effective it is to patients. I have seen better plaque removal, healthier gums and higher compliance with flossing habits." — Julianne Souza, RDH

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