About Us


At Cocofloss, we seek to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles. We deliver superior floss – the softest and most-cleansing dental floss – to protect smiles. We believe we can control our destiny – teeth for life is possible – and flossing should be a relaxing, laid-back experience. 

The floss party has started. With Cocofloss, flossing is so gratifying. It’s fun. Our community of floss-converts say Cocofloss is changing their lives. Addicted, floss fanatics, Cocoflossing once, twice or thrice daily, we balance our smiles, 18 inches at a time. 

Join the floss party. For the love of your smile, come Cocofloss with us!



We are the Cu sisters. Chrys, the dentist, is an extreme, pro-flosser. Cat, the artist, is a little lazier on the flossing frontier.

We started Cocolab to make flossing and oral care – an essential yet often neglected daily routine – more fun, motivating, and rewarding for everyone.

We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us a line at help@cocofloss.com