Goody Bag Kit

Create goody bags no one will forget with our curated kit of Cocofloss, Cocobrush, and Cocoshine Whitening Toothpaste. Mini sizes are sample-ready for new patient kits. Each product is dentist-designed to work, rebuild, and nurture smiles. And all are eco-friendly to give patients clean-conscious (yet effective) options.

Goody bags not included.


  • What it is: A curated bundle of our SmileCare System™ in mini sizes to boost your new patient kits — add to your favorite goody bags!
  • What you get: Cocofloss and Cocoshine in Delicious Mint, Cocobrush in Blue Bliss.
  • 40 Cocofloss Minis (8 yd)
  • 40 Cocobrush
  • 40 Cocoshine Minis (0.5 oz)
Goody Bag Kit
Whitens Enamel
Goody Bag Kit
Repairs Sensitivity
Goody Bag Kit
Restores Enamel

All About Cocoshine

Dr. Chrystle Cu wanted to create a toothpaste for her patients seeking a more natural alternative to fluoride. And it was vital that it had the same proven efficacy as fluoride. Enter n-HA (nano-hydroxyapatite), a mineral made from the same mineral found in your teeth. Your enamel is 97% hydroxyapatite, a crystallized mineral combo of calcium and phosphate, and your dentin is 70% hydroxyapatite. Because n-HA is microscopic, it deeply fills mini potholes in your enamel, literally remineralizing your teeth. This means that when you use n-HA, you’re not just coating your smile, you’re bolstering its strength from within.