40 Cocobrush

Show patients that softer is better for gums and enamel with the all-mouth clean of our rigorously-designed signature brush. It features 1000s of multi-density, luxuriously soft bristles for a powerfully deep clean that stimulates healthy gums, plus a clever ergonomic design for reaching the hard-to-reach. Part of our Dentist-Designed SmileCare System™. Best when paired with Cocofloss and Cocoshine Whitening Toothpaste.


  • What it is: An extra-soft toothbrush to clean under gumlines.
  • 16x more effective. A Swiss study shows Cocobrush is 16x more effective at cleaning between your teeth than a standard toothbrush.
  • Superfine clean. 1000s of bristles, 40% finer than standard, to gently reach gingival sulci.
  • Dual-style bristles. Tall, tapered bristles scrub between teeth and underneath the gumline while short, rounded bristles polish to perfection.
  • Ergonomic design. Compact, angled brush-head easily reaches tartar-prone areas, like behind molars.
  • Thoughtfully made. Handle made from ~98% recycled Oceanworks® plastic, like water bottles that would otherwise end up littering the ocean.
  • Free of toxins. Free of BPA, parabens, SLS, and PFAS. Leaping Bunny–certified cruelty-free.
  • Pay it forward. For every Cocobrush you buy, we’ll remove an additional 10 Cocobrushes worth of ocean-bound plastic from the environment.
  • Keep it fresh. Encourage patients to recycle with Terracycle® and replace every 3–4 months.
40 Cocobrush
Pro-Grade Efficacy
40 Cocobrush
Proven 16x Effective
40 Cocobrush
Powerfully Soft
40 Cocobrush
How we make Cocobrush eco-friendly

All About Cocobrush

As defined by our partner Oceanworks®, ocean-bound plastic is any plastic trash that exists within ~31 miles of a waterway or coastal area that’s on the ground — a.k.a. like plastic bottles on beaches. Using ocean-bound plastic reduces litter and pollution, reduces the demand for virgin plastic, cleans up local communities, and even creates jobs.