Core Floss Kit

When the focus is on purely on floss, this is the perfect starter kit to award-winning Cocofloss. Experience the bestselling love of our "Legends Mix" in both full-size and mini options.


  • What it is: A curated bundle of our bestselling Cocofloss in both full-size and mini
  • What you get: Cocofloss in our "Legends" Mix of Delicious Mint, Fresh Coconut, Pure Strawberry, Cara Cara Orange.
  • 80 Cocofloss (33 yd)
  • 200 Cocofloss Minis (8 yd)
Core Floss Kit
Pro-Grade Efficacy
Core Floss Kit
Innovative Texture
Core Floss Kit
Teflon® & Toxin-Free
Core Floss Kit
How we make Cocofloss eco-friendly

How to refill your Cocofloss

Made in Italy
Our floss is made at a family-owned factory in Italy that started up in 1926. The shop’s mom and pop met on a sailing trip, and after many dates filled with romantic Vespa rides, wine, and pasta, the couple fell in love and started a boutique floss factory. Today this fragrances house draws from its rich experience in food flavoring to create all of our delightful aromas, each one crafted with the highest quality, safe ingredients.