Complete Practice Kit

Commit to everything smile care by Cocofloss. From front desk to chairside to goody bags, this kit has your entire practice covered with a full array of our SmileCare System™ (Cocofloss + Cocobrush + Cocoshine), plus the displays to put them in the best light.


  • What it is: A curated bundle of our SmileCare System™ in all sizes for your entire practice.
  • What you get: Cocofloss in our "Legends Mix" of Delicious Mint, Fresh Coconut, Cara Cara Orange, Pure Strawberry. Cocobrush in Blue Bliss, Limoncello Yellow, Orange Zest, Tickled Pink. Cocoshine in Delicious Mint and Lychee Breeze. Various display materials.
  • 40 Cocofloss (33 yd)
  • 200 Cocofloss Minis (8 yd)
  • 4 Cocofloss Mega Spools (273 yd)
  • 4 Mega Dispensers
  • 40 Cocobrushes
  • 40 Cocoshine Minis
  • 1 Cocobrush Pedestal
  • 2 Acrylic Display Bins
  • 2 Prices Signs
Complete Practice Kit
Pro-Grade Efficacy
Complete Practice Kit
Proven 16x Effective
Complete Practice Kit
Powerfully Soft
Complete Practice Kit
How we make Cocobrush eco-friendly

All About Cocobrush

As defined by our partner Oceanworks®, ocean-bound plastic is any plastic trash that exists within ~31 miles of a waterway or coastal area that’s on the ground — a.k.a. like plastic bottles on beaches. Using ocean-bound plastic reduces litter and pollution, reduces the demand for virgin plastic, cleans up local communities, and even creates jobs.